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Big brand cases

Guangdong Pavilion of 2010 Shanghai World Expo

2015 International Marathon

2017 big east event management

Milan design week 2017

2018 “Shenzhen design” Milan Promotion Conference

2018 Venice Architecture Biennale

2018 Changsha Wangcheng International Triathlon

Protocol reception of APEC leaders’ informal meeting

Big health cases

Big education cases

An innovative scientific and technological food company that is committed to independent research and development of scientific and technological food, cooperation and transformation of domestic and foreign health research results, and application in the field of “family health management”; at the same time, it has established the brand of “Youshi” and independently developed the “Youshi app”;
Based on the test data, guided by the professional program and supported by scientific and technological food, the company provides the national with professional “health management program” covering “diet, sports, life” and other aspects

It is specialized in providing after-school education integrated Omo care service chain institutions for 6-12-year-old primary school students, such as trusteeship, training and cultivation.
Combined with the innovative service modes of online interactive education of famous teachers, animation culture, children’s nutrition catering, children’s health monitoring, family education guidance, online monitoring and trusteeship, we will create a “happy children, reassuring parents” care complex.

New retail cases

A well-known local diversified business company, it has five core businesses: office equipment supplies, medical supplies, book publishing, real estate, chain restaurants. The group has more than 2000 employees, an operation center with an area of 180000 square meters and a logistics center with an area of 6000 square meters. Provide supply key management services to customers in more than 40000 fixed stores, beauty salons and pharmacies in different cities of China.