Project “Mobile”

         Touchtech provides a wide range of services to a global leading telecom company. We manage hundreds of BPO professionals and support millions of end users. We maintain high service level consistently in order to meet the international standard.

Telecom Industry

          Touchtech provides membership management, value-added sales, omni-channel marketing, customer services and site management for Telecom Industry. We helps our clients to enroll new members and trigger inactive members. Ultimately, we grow the business and income for our clients.
         We offer site building and management solutions which allows our clients to avoid one-time investment. Our omni-channel marketing assists our clients to maintain the membership and sales volume in a relatively lower costs.
         With our AI robots and traditional contact center, we provide real-time and natural responses through social media, email, phone and website. This hybrid model creates a great user experience which leads to a high satisfaction rate.
          We help our clients to improve process quality, reduce waste and cycle time in order to maximize performance of customer service center.

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