Big Data

Big Data Analytics

          Touchtech has been supporting over 30 millions people multiple times in past decade for various projects. With the Big Data Analytics, we predict customer behaviors and identify the right target group for our clients.


Tremendous Data

Data Analytics

      Useful data and handling skills are asset to a business. Touchtech processes more than thousand of millions of data. With the combination of online and offline data sets, we provide a rich data pool and analyzing skills to reach commercial targets.

      Touchtech translate the results from data analytics to business values. For example, we help our client to generate value-added sales from the existing members through data analytics. We also use data analytics to manage and expand sales channel network.

We make our competitive advantages to yours


Process Data

Use latest big data analytic approach to get new business insights.


Drive Values

Provide right understanding of the analysis and how to translate the results into sales and business values


Cost Reduction

Identify target customers in a more precise way which reduces the cost of sales.


Business Intelligence

Provide interactive visualization reports to our clients for timely decisions.