Site Build

Build and Manage Contact Centers

         Touchtech has led and deployed numerous contact center projects. We build contact centers for our clients from renovation, facility, network to application setup. We also manage contact center as an outsourcing service (our headcount) and insourcing service (clients’ headcount). Further, we provide consulting services for quality enhancement and we help our client to take over their contact centers.


Agile Approach

High SLAs

       An Agile contact center can response to unpredicted incidents promptly. It starts from a small team and can be grown quickly. Together with our cloud contact center platform, we offer a flexible but reliable solution.

      Through data analytics, cloud platform and our experiences in contact center, we can get the right data set, reduce resolution time and understand the customers. In other words, we enhance the service levels in order to improve the customer experiences.

We make our competitive advantages to yours


Flexible Offers

Provide flexible solutions, including build, management, enhancement and dissolve, based on the requirements.


Widely Applicable

Solutions can be widely used in many industries and business models.


Lean & Quality

Apply Lean 6 Sigma methodology to cut the project cycle time, reduce waste and manage the operation quality.


Matured Infrastructure

Reliable & mature infrastructure to support various contact center models in distributed and multiple sites.