Research & Statistics


         Touchtech helps our customers to collect data from online user behaviors, online survey, social media questionnaire, telephone survey, focus groups, interviews and etc. With the latest analytic tools and approach, we help enterprise to derive the result into market opportunities.


Market Impulse

Data Interpretation

       Touchtech helps our clients do over millions of surveys. We collect data and migrate a significant portion of them into useful information and assets.

       Touchtech assists our clients to collect data from over millions of end customers. The projects includes insurance, healthcare, entertainment, education, telecommunication and other industries.

We make our competitive advantages to yours


Identify Targets

Leverage the latest approach to find the target customers from their online & offline behaviors.


Build Dataset

Base on the requirements to build a tailor-made dataset which can locate the target customers.


Solve Problem

Offer proposals for the corporates to solve their business problem based on statistics and research findings.


Data Analytics

Provide various data analytics tools and approaches for the management team to easily understand the results.